Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Demis CousCous and Friends - The Monkey Western 2006

Herein lies the legendary Monkey Western Soundtrack. Recorded in it's entirety over one weekend, this is a collection of songs and incidental music for an imagined movie, the plot of which was never really discussed. The majority of the music was improvised and recorded in one take. This album features some songs which later made their way onto The Mackerelheads debut, including Czech radio "hit" Trouble Comes My Way.

Players on this album are, Demis CousCous, Divad Nyarb, Tam Revorg and occasional vocals by RZ. Highlights include Matts Desert Search For Sacred Horse, which still makes me laugh three years later, and the hypnotic 30 More Days.

We used many instruments on this recording including a battered old Harmonium, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, various stringed instruments and some rusty old melodicas.

One interesting, or perhaps not, fact is that track two "Bigmouth" began as an instrumental recorded late at night. The next day upon playback, I commented that it sounds a bit like Bigmouth Strikes Again by the Smiths. Divad had never heard the song but opted to sing it if given the lyrics, so it's kind of halfway to being a cover version.

22 tracks


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