Friday, 6 March 2009

Dog Kill Bird (2007)

This was the first complete album I produced, and ironically enough it is derived from the remains of an album that I didn't finish which was originally entitled "Remove The Cancer".
All the electric guitar work on this recording was performed by David May who at that time was going by the name Herb Powers for reasons I still don't fully understand. I do however know that his guitar work on this album was top notch. A large chunk of the music was co-written with Herb. We haven't worked together since. We probably should.

The drums were the last thing recorded on the album and were played by Pidge Pidgeon. All other intruments, vocals and percussion were performed by myself.

The album has been likened to "Death Country" and "Cemetary Blues", whatever they are. Lyrically, it's quite dark I suppose. I wasn't in a very happy place.

11 tracks. All free.



  1. Hi, i just wanted to say that this album is great, really. i listened to it for months, and i constantly wondered why so few people know you and your music. but its really great that you publish is all for free :P

  2. Hi Flo, thanks for your kind comment :)

    I'm glad you liked the album. I don't really promote my stuff very much and it always makes me smile when someone finds it.

    There's a new one coming soon, just got to get around to finishing it...

    Signed DCC

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for listening, it makes doing this worth the effort.


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