Friday, 27 March 2009

I own this now...

Above is a picture of my new Jaw Harp. Previous owners of this particular harp include one Mr Johnny Cash and Mother Maybelle Carter. Seriously. This used to be carried around in Mr Cash's pocket. He gave it to Mother Maybelle at some point and it was returned to him and June Carter Cash when Maybelle died in 1978.

When June Carter Cash died in 2003 Johnny gave the harp to Peggy Knight whom I purchased it from. I don't know when it was manufactured, I'm trying to find out any further history about it that I can including any references to Johnny Cash relating to Jaw Harps. I wonder if it was ever used on any of his songs...

If anyone knows anything let me know. In the meantime I'll just gaze at it in awe and occassionally go "Boing!".


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  1. Wow. Quite the find.
    I am jealous.


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