Friday, 6 March 2009

Live Talking Mackerelheads! - Live Recording (2007)

The Mackerelheads recorded live in late 2007 at The Talking Heads venue. The Mackerelheads were never meant to be a real band. It all started with a few home recordings (which later became "I Was A Teenage Mackerelhead") and a few open mic nights. Pretty soon we were being invited to play half hour sets on the basis on two song open mic nights and we very quickly expanded from a three piece to up to seven of us at any time.

Line up on this gig (I think) is: Divad Nyard - vocals and guitar, Tam Revorg - Bass and vocals, Eigram Notruts - Melodica and vocals, Tak Gis Nyarb - Vocals and Percussion, Demis CousCous - guitar, vocals and harmonica, Bor Tnarg - percussion and Rob Gough on Cajan. I may be wrong. I may be thinking of a different night.

I haven't even listened to this because I suspect it is sloppy as hell and barely listenable. I may be wrong, but I'd rather not sit there cringing whilst listening to it. You see, the only way I'd even consider getting up on that stage was by drinking whisky. A LOT of whisky. And more whilst up there. See you you can spot the point at which I cease to be aware of where I am...

The Mackerelheads played their last gig on 29th January 2008 before Divad and Tak Gis left to travel the World and eventually live in Norway. Just last week however i was over there recording the next album. I'll post it when it's all done.

Ten sloppy songs, you should have been there.


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