Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Demis, Divad and Tam Present: The Monkey Eastern

Here for your listening pleasure is the long awaited, hotly anticipated, long-rumoured, over-budget and inevitably disappointing follow up to The Monkey Western Soundtrack, entitled, appropriately enough, The Monkey Eastern Soundtrack.

Recorded over a few sessions in July/ August 2009 at Tam Revorgs studio, this collection features 46 minutes of incidental music and songs from an imagined movie, placing our monkey heroes in some generic Eastern land populated by Samaurai's, Polish people and sitar players.

Featuring a host of new instruments, this is one soundtrack that is guaranteed to exist, regardless of whether or not there exists a movie to synch it up to.


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  2. That's easy for him to say!

    We think you're supercalifragelistc expialidocious!

  3. WELL, its dribbling down rapidshares pipe right now. came here in a roundabout way from your comment on the manson blog, and it was daniel jonston that made me think of manson, then you, then that damned hippy


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