Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Album? What Album?

Well, it's been a while since I updated. I promised myself I'd never start a blog entry with the words "Well, it's been a while..." Nevermind.

Well, it's been a while since I last updated. I've been busy beavering away compiling the covers collection and choosing a web host. See, I figured I might as well try my hand at bulding a website to host all this music stuff, thus negating the need for any of you to bother waiting on Rapidshare. 'Artist Direct' is the new concept in Cottage CousCous and I used the term 'Artist' loosely and the word 'Cottage' in the traditional sense, that of four walls and a roof.

So, my new website... Want to see it? Here it is: www.demiscouscous.co.uk

I can tell you're impressed.

Perhaps most importantly though is the fact that you can download the brand spanking new collection entitled Cover Yourself In CousCous. This is a rather groovy collection of cover versions recorded by me, Demis CousCous for you, er, Dave?


The tracklisting comprises of 18 songs, many of which have never been released unto the internets before. Can I be bothered to type out the tracklisting? Hmmmm... Oh, OK.

1. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Everly Brothers)
2. Any Old Wind That Blows (Johnny Cash)
3. I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground)
4. Po' Boy (Bob Dylan)
5. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
6. Telstar (The Tornados)
7. Michelle (The Beatles)
8. What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
9. Hate Street Dialogue (Rodriguez)
10. Happy Together (The Turtles)
11.In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley)
12. These Days (Nico)
13. How Could I Be Wrong? (The Auteurs)
14. Here (Pavement)
15. Crazy (Willie Nelson)
16. The End Of The World (Aphrodites Child)
17. There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends (Morrissey)
18 Crying In The Rain (Everly Brothers)

I think you'll like it. With hindsight I wished I'd put The Mysterious Cities Of Gold theme on there too, but I'll put that as a seperate download if anyone asks for it...

Comments always welcome. Website templates for Dreamweaver even more welcome...



Signed DCC

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