Thursday, 17 March 2011

Difficult Third Album

Well, after two years of production successes and misfires I'm going to have to let the new album come out as it is. I've been trying to finish it but it seems that much like Dog Kill Bird it has always been one to be abandoned. I've tried so very hard to get this one in order, but when dealing with recordings made two years ago it soon becomes demotivating to attempt any reconciliation. These songs exist as I have heard them and grown use to them, to change them now seems moot.

My approach to recording has also been evolving of late and these works fall in the cracks between two distinct processes. Therefor, I have decided that pending completion of the artwork, I Was Prufrock will be released as is, with no more remixing, re-recording or artificial additives. It will also be a free release, contrary to any previous announcement. It's time for me to put thoses babies to sleep so I can finally move on and create something more reflective of the crossroads at which I find myself.

So, I know I've said this before, but the new album WILL be out in the next few weeks. Despite my ramblings above it is a work I am very proud of, if a little hesitant and uncertain. I'm sure someone once said "Great art is never completed, only abandoned". It may not be great art, but it contains some pretty great songs. Songs which have been in hiding for far too long now.

Please excuse any dust and cobwebs you may find upon download...

Signed DCC

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