Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Beggars Buffet 2 2007

Jump to one year later, summer 2007. By this time I'd been recording one hell of a lot as often as possible and my technical ability had improved greatly. I was about to begin recording Dog Kill Bird, but I didn't know it at the time, although the stresses that led to Dog Kill Bird were certainly beginning to show themselves.

Far less cover versions this time, in fact only two genuine cover versions, Velvet Undergrounds Sunday Morning and She Brings The Rain by Can. There's also an arrangement of a traditional Moorish Sefardi which I feel aptly demonstrates the increased production skill and ambition of my recordings.

This time the beggars collective was increased to include Tam Revorg and Eigram Notruts, along with the increasingly distant and difficult RZ and the ever reliable Divad Nyarb who together with Tak Nyarb (at that time still Tak Mlohsrevoh) provided Golden Gleam and So Beautiful together with the co-improvised Beggars Buffet.

Tam and Eigram brought with them the quintessentially English Bicycleman, Lazy Days and Everything Not Something.

This was also the week that my trusty 16 track decided to give up the ghost, soon to be replaced by the shiney new 24 track which I currently still use.

This collection makes for a far more enjoyable listen than the original Beggars Buffet in my opinion. Judge for yourself though.

12 tracks.


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