Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Beggars Buffet 2006

Beggars Buffet is a collection of cover versions and semi improvised pieces recorded with Divad Nyarb over the course of a week in the summer of 2006. This was where the serious recording began for me. Prior to this my recorded output amounted to a handful of unfinished sketches. Around June 2006 I was inspired to purchase a load of percussion instruments and suddenly everything just fell into place.

With hindsight, a lot of this is kind of sloppy, and there's admittedly way too many Dylan songs on here. This was before I'd even contemplated writing any songs. The originals here are largely penned by Divad Nyarb or improvised with him.

There's a Nick Cave song, a couple of Brian Jonestown Massacre pieces and then, as stated, a lot of Dylan. RZ provided vocals for All The Tired Horses.

Since that week Beggars Buffet has become an annual weeklong event during which I urge anyone who can to ditch work and come stay at my house for food, music and whisky.

14 tracks


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