Monday, 8 March 2010

Re-Up Dog Kill Bird (2007)

I love a good conspiracy me. That's why I'm currently weighing up in my mind who decided to lodge a copyright claim against me for my 2007 album Dog Kill Bird and more importantly, why?

Was it a jealous record company, miffed that I've never even submitted such a work of awesome magnitute to their A+R Department and they are forced to release turgid bum wipes by the likes of Kasabian and Coldplay? Are they infact about to launch an artist who has ripped me off wholesale and want to pass me off as the plagiarist รก la Gentleman Broncos? Or was it an enemy I have inadvertently made along the way, silent and stealthily plotting each move to displace my confidence, chip away at my mental health and ultimately convince me that I didn't actually record said album?

Perhaps even more sinisterly, do the people who work at rapidshare have hands that consist solely of thumbs? Or worse still, there is a clone of me out there, or am I the clone? Is the real me claiming I have breached my (his) copyright? I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, does that mean I'm not the real me? Or does it mean I skipped breakfast?

Either way, I am going to stand defiant and bring to you once more the heaving slab of negative energy that is Dog Kill Bird. An eye poker of an album by an angry young man no longer with us.

Here's the link (again)

Dog Kill Bird

Special thanks to Mike Floyd at Lo-Fi Homemade Psyche, for it was from his host that I pulled the album in order to reupload it immediately. Thanks Mike. Check out his site by the way if you read this, some great stuff over there. Link on the right hand side of this page.


  1. Heard this one on, very much enjoy it. I also like the background you've chosen for your blog.


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