Saturday, 8 May 2010

Weekend Update

I'm working overtime. I say working, but what I really mean is "working".

Just thought I'd take this opportunity to update anyone who cares about the current state of play with the new albums...

I am currently compiling a collection of cover versions recorded over the last year in lieu of the covers retrospective. I'm not going back there, so if you didn't get them when they first appeared, you probably never will (although I should probably say "never").

This collection will include amongst many others, versions of Any Old Wind That Blows (Johnny Cash), These Days (Nico), Here (Pavement) and I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground). It's going to be a fun and in someplaces surprising collection of audio oddities recorded alongside the work I've been undertaking on the two albums proper.

As for those two, and dare I say 'Long Rumoured' albums, they will DEFINITELY be dropping in early July. I have a two week period in June in which to thoroughly revisit what amounts to two years sporadic work and put the finishing touches down to the tracks, order and compile them and do all that artwork nonsense. These will be the first DCC LP releases since Freemealin way back in the summer of '08, but as there are two of them I guess I can still claim to have on average one album per year.

The music on these two albums has matured substantially since the release of Freemealin'. I've aquired one hell of a lot of new kit and all I can say is the quality of instrumentation has evolved considerably. Collaborators on these two projects include Divad Nyarb, Herb Powers, or Dave Womack (need to get clarification as to what his name is nowadays) and a young lady whom for reasons of anonymity shall be refered to as Denise CousCous (goddamn contractual obligation clauses).

Speaking of Denise, here is a Franco-western theme she wrote on the accordeon which we then proceded to record and arrange. Working title is "The Last Waltz". Able eared listeners wll also spot the ghostly sound of a saw towards the end of the tune. Denise is also a classically trained saw player who used to play saw for the London Philharmonic Orchestra... Or was that The Wurzels? Think of it as the first track from the new album to be leaked...

That's all for now.

Signed DCC

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