Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Where The Yellowstone Is Going...

Folks, there are only a few days left and only a few dollars needed! Ok, about $2200 plus or minus a few, but this will be worth every cent! Donate as much as you can, but don't think of it as a donation, think of it as a purchase! For a mere $25 you get two movies and eternal gratitude! That is a bargain! Help Hunter, Sarah and the crew meet their target and get the film the distribution it deserves. Get Demis CousCous playing through cinema speakers and when you see and hear it think, "I did this".

This is a true independent film venture and deserves far more support than any stupid Kenneth Brannagh Norse Mythology mishmash nonsense starring Sir Anthony Paycheck. Don't buy Star Wars on Blu Ray now that Lucas has pooped all over it, buy Where The Yellowstone Goes now that Hunter has poured his soul into it.

Don't watch idiot losers poop through their mouths on *Insert Country Here*'s Got Talent. Watch these genuinely talented people doing something special.

Help make this happen!

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